Cinematography In Motion By Stacy Poulos

EyeFly Cinematography™ Photography In Motion™ 
Award Winning Photographer / Filmmaker gives tip on equipment and rigs. 

"I have been a photographer since I was 7 years old and dedicated my life to becoming a photographer / filmmaker. I went of Collage and majored in Radio & TV Broadcasting and Film Productions two arch enemies. But I seen the value in learning Filmic techniques and applying them to the much less expensive television or video production. 
 Smooth camera motion, dollying and using a Jib, apposed to panning and tilting the camera head in a stationary place, always ads a 'higher production value' to any production. It also separates filmic techniques from television techniques. Television techniques are usually confined to a studio. Camera motion gives depth and experience to the viewers. Much more than, a POV - Point Of View perspective, it give the audience a personal experience. They are the camera. The new technologies available give a profound perspective. What would take a whole camera crew and days of effort can be done with one person and a cell phone. As producer of over 33 years working on may own a lot I have created rigs that can help me achieve that perspective. I call it the EyeFly Rig™ and EyeFly Cinematography™. Back in the day when I hired editors they were alway curious how I shot my footage because my rig even today can not be beat. Someday I hope to take it to market. I've never made it public because I didn't want to create compitition for myself. In the mean time I decided to give tips. On production through this site as I taught Television techniques at Chabot College for adults and Kids.  -Stacy Poulos Inventor of the of EyeFly Rig™ and EyeFly Cinematography™. Owner of Playback Video & Film Productions established in 1983 
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